Acupuncture is the practice of inserting needles at points of the body and moxibustion is the warming of moxa wool of the Mugwort herb over the points.  Electric stimulation can also be applied to improve rehabilitation. All are methods to restore balance to the body through the stimulation of the acupoints.  The practice has a history of over 3000 years and is based on ancient theories of yin & yang, and channels and collaterals that guide its application in Chinese medicine.  Book a session today to investigate how this ancient practice can complement your healthcare needs.

Alternative Medicine



Herbs have a long history of usage in medicine across all cultures of the world, and it is no exception in China.  What differentiates Chinese herbs however, is the extensive documentation of the materia medica and its clinical applications for thousands of years.  It is used in combination with acupuncture or a stand alone basis, and offered with integration to your existing healthcare.  In Chinese medicine, we also see food as a part of the materia medica. Food therapy, combined with modern dietary and nutritional science, is a part of a holistic healthcare routine.  Book now for an online or in-person herbal and diet consultation according to Chinese medicine.



Tuina, cupping and guasha are additional treatment modalities employed by the acupuncturist to facilitate the healing process through promoting blood circulation, toxin and waste removal and lymph drainage. Come on in for a session and see if it would be suitable for your healthcare needs.

Cupping Treatment


(All prices reflected in the price list apply to patients paying for treatments at the time of service. Please inquire for insurance rates.)

Complimentary Exploratory Consultation, 15min


Initial Visit Consultation and Acupuncture, 1.5hr


Follow-up Acupuncture, 1hr


+$10 w/ e-stim

Follow-up Acupuncture with Cupping, 1.5hr


+$10 w/ e-stim

Fire Cupping Session, 30min


Herbal Consultation, 30min


(does not include cost of herbs)



Services available at two locations in Southern California



2001 S. Barrington Ave, Suite 111

Los Angeles CA 90025


By Appointment Only



2087 E. Orangethorpe Ave

Placentia, CA 92870


By Appointment Only


Due to COVID-19, all treatments are by appointment only

contact me to book or for other inquiries

(515) 981 - 6818




We are mostly an out-of-network provider accepting PPO plans that cover out-of-network acupuncture services.  You are required to pay in full before we receive your insurance payment and then receive reimbursement afterwards.  We are in network with Blue Shield/Cross and CIGNA plans.  Please check with us so that we can verify insurance benefits for you ahead of time.

For Medicare patients, we highly recommend Cleverhealth Health Plan which provides the best overall acupuncture benefits we have seen  They offer unlimited acupuncture treatments, coverage for herbal prescriptions and no restrictions on conditions treated. 


We now accept some insurance plans as an in-network provider, including those governed by American Specialty Health (ASH).  Due to reduced disbursement rates limited to only one unit of acupuncture and greater bureaucracy pertaining to the claims process, treatments covered by ASH are limited to 30mins each session, and the initial visit to 60min. For all other plans not governed by ASH, treatments will be the standard length of 60mins and 90mins. We appreciate your understanding of this challenging issue while we strive to deliver quality care that meet your needs while being fair to patients who pay proper compensation for our time.  In the future if ASH contract rates improve, we will update treatments lengths accordingly.  Alternatively, we recommend that you select PPO plans that provide better acupuncture benefits and not governed by ASH if you would like for integrative Chinese medicine to play a greater role in your healthcare.  Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.  


For out-of-network patients, please know that you may have yearly deductible to meet before your treatments are covered. This means you are responsible for the full amount of $150.00 for initial visit and $80 for subsequent visits until you meet your deductible amount.


Also, some insurances have caveats that may not allow you to have acupuncture under certain circumstances or only for certain parts of your body or conditions even if they say you have acupuncture coverage.  When there are limits to benefits, we can only accept you as a cash patient where you are responsible for payment at the time when services are rendered.


Since it may take over 30 days for insurance to process the claim and send payments, it is possible that treatments may have concluded before payments are received.   If for any reason the claims are denied by the insurance due to misinformation about coverage benefits, the patient is responsible for any outstanding balance and any future services will be paused until it is cleared.  We appreciate your efforts to prompt payments in the event of any denial of coverage because that helps us continue to stay in business and provide proper care to all of our patients.

You may send us a copy of the front and back of your insurance card with your date of birth to: and we can do initial insurance verification for you.  The insurance verification fee is $4 and will be included in your first visit totals.  

We advise that you let us do the verification since the details are complicated and vary across plans. Getting the wrong information can lead to denial of claims later leaving you responsible to pay for treatments you might not have gotten if you knew you had to pay out of pocket.

Alternatively, you can pay for the services at the time it is rendered and we can provide you with a superbill that you can submit later to insurance for reimbursement.   Most people can get partial or full reimbursements for their acupuncture treatments depending on plan benefits.

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